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Customer Quotes

"Again, thanks for the E-Classifieds product and your organizations assistance in getting this launched for the Ravens fans. It's a great product and has fit well with the community we've built for the Baltimore fans."

Jean DuPoux, of PSINet, web developer for RavensZone, the official web site of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League

"Again, your program is great, and the tech support you've given is fantastic. We really appreciate it!"
Shawna Lee

"just want to let you know that this is a GREAT product. Installed with no problems, clear and detailed instructions!"
Hans-Juergen Braendle

Your system is great... without any quarrels.. and my users love it as well. I thank you for such prompt service also!
Marty Kane, of RacePages

Your software is awesome and has been working flawlessly.....
Thank you for an awesome and affordable script.

Rich Bruckner, of

My site really wouldn't have done as well as it has done if it wasn't for your photo edition classified. The program is pretty much flawless.
Greg Friedman, of

I just downloaded the free version of e-classifieds. I'm really impressed. It installed with absolutely no trouble. Your documentation was very good - I especially appreciated the running commentary throughout the variable configuration portion of the script. I learned quite a few things about configuring cgi scripts that I wasn't aware of.

We'll be experimenting with e-classifieds on I'll be running the script through its paces and if all goes well I'll be back for the commercial version.

Congratulations on a great product.


Robert Howard of Destination Elmville

I want to commend you on the great job you have done with the new photo ads program. I have been looking for all the features you have included which makes it easy to adapt to my own particular style of Classified Ads Board. I am very pleased with it. Keep up the good work.

Spence Whatley

Your e-classified is an excellent well-written program. It took me only a few minutes to configure it and I was able to get online immediately after your install.


Michael Mermer, CTA,
Pres. Traders Software Co.,Inc. (the Classifieds)

I am so disappointed! I had blocked out about 3 hours or so to install e-classifieds on my system, instead it took about 20 minutes, not including transfer time. Whatever possessed you to write clear and concise instructions? Consider me duly impressed, I have been testing it for about an hour and it works as advertised, it is exactly what I wanted. Your program will save me many headaches, trials and tribulations. Please feel free to use me as a reference, my site isn't going live until mid-March, but if anyone wants to know just how easy it was to set up, let them talk to me.

Kevin White of EHarlemNY

By the way, your software is a gem!

Our best investment on the Internet.

Juan Castellanos of (No, we are not giving ourselves a plug here! is a separate classified ads site that is not related to

Just downloaded your free edition for my personal website at My hat is off to you folks! I operate on a shoestring budget so first, the price was RIGHT!!! Next, your readme.txt file was so well written that in less than 15 minutes I was configured and up and running (and I'm not a programmer)! Again thank you very much for a fine product.

Phillip Coons of CAMPC Family Pages

I just want to let you know that I download and install the lite edition of e-classifieds on one of our websites, is a great program, congratulations.

Juan M. Rico of C?mara de Comercio, Industrias y Agricultura de Panam?

Your technical support is the best in the net.

Viraj of Quick Classifieds, a FREE Service from SRI LANKA

Smoothest installation I've ever done. Your step by step instructions hit it right on the money.

Rich Bongiovanni of TeeTyme Computer Systems

Thank you for your superb product! Congratulations on the hard work and effort you and your team put forth in bringing this program to its present level. I am sure it will bring satisfaction to all who use it. I wish you continued success in your business and hope that I may find the same.

I love the program,(professional edition) I love how I can change it around to suit my needs. Nice complete code, fast running and a simple user interface my customers can understand!

Sean Roche of Roche Clan Antiques

Thank for your rapid assistance and responses - we're continually impressed by your very professional service.

Quote from J Stanley, a satisfied customer (e-mail address and site name withheld by request of customer)

Thank you for the prompt installation. Your program is awesome! The admin utility is one of the best I have seen.

Anthony DeSousa of aaaclassifieds

I have never seen a script so easy to setup and translate. I'm doing it all from FrontPage2000 and WordPad and never had to CHMOD anything after a correction...... That's absolutely GREAT!!

Yves Lavoie of Les petites annonces PubliSac.Net

YOUR CLASSIFIED ADS SCRIPT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been adding cgi scripts to my three sites all summer, and I have NEVER come across a script with as many features OR as easy to install as yours! I got it up and running in less than an hour. I could kiss your faces! If you knew the problems I have had with cgi's and Perl, you would know why I was just jumping for joy when your script loaded and ran exactly like you said it would.

I hope you guys get RICH from your commercial scripts because you deserve to.

Kathy Corder

It's been a pleasure to do business, the technical support and speed of response has been the best I have ever experienced whilst dealing with a vendor. Please feel free to use this recommendation (and the site) in any any of your marketing.

Thanks again from myself and the club.

Roger Tomlinson of Lifecycle

Thank you so much for your help. I have been bragging about the software that I found on your I can brag about the technical support.

Tony also had this to say...

I have a serious complaint. I have recently purchased your product (to give it a try) and I have had a number of questions (mostly to do with my hosting company's CGI set up). I have repeatedly asked you for support questions, and not only have you researched them and answered them, but you have also given me software (freeware) to help me in the future and you have always gotten back to me EXTREMELY fast. My complaint is that every other company I deal with does not come close to these essence I have been spoiled. Please start offering a larger selection of stuff so I can only shop here.

Enough of the funny stuff. Seriously...thank you VERY much for your assistance. I would be happy to provide a testimonial to anyone curious about you service/software. Have them email me at .

Tony Francisco

Tony Francisco of Windward Community

just a quick note to say that your Photo Classifieds software installed without a hitch. THANKYOU!

I chose your classifieds program because I had a good experience with your 'free' edition.

I had looked around for a classifieds program and found yours, it is the best out of the lot for the following reasons:

1. Your instructions are clear and detailed.
2. You go beyond just giving instructions by including such information as the info. on how to use WS-FTP to chmod a file (I didn't know I could do this with the right moues button, you saved me a lot of time) and explaining what the file permission settings actually mean, ie. '644' etc.
3. Your software works!
4. You obviously know HTML and have 'design' taste as well as knowing your Pearl etc.

So thanks once again and I'd be pleased to recommend your product anytime.

Wolfgang Schuler

I want to thank you by the way for an excellent piece of work on the photo classifieds script. I really like it and think you did a good job.

Jim Smith of Cowtown Net

Your e-classifieds software (basic edition) works flawlessly on my website. Thank you for doing a fine job in it's development. I will highly recommend it to anyone who asks.


Daniel Wallace

I have your photo classifieds program running on my site and would like to tell you that it is a well-written stable piece of software. You can use us as a reference anytime.

Richard Romanus of Auction Services

I just wanted to comment on the e-classifieds program I just purchased for my company. The instructions were wonderful and it was amazingly easy to set up. I was surprised. I expected it to take at least a day or two to get it right, but had it working in about half an hour. Great product! Put me on your mailing list if you develop any other software products.

A happy customer,
Gretchen Aitken

I just wanted you to both know how happy I am with your program and how I wished that I would have found out about this a year and a half ago. After spending thousands, many thousands of dollars with my programmer on this site and my other site which is an automotive site, I have accomplished more in one day than in the last six months and have a better looking classifieds section. The thousand for the premium edition that was spent with you was worth every cent and then a lot more. Please check out my site and tell me what you think of it as I am very proud of the whole site now.

David Twigg
Harley Classifieds

Your e-classifieds is a really wonderfull program. With some help from our ISP we were able to get the program working at

Ric Godwin

I have just bought the Lite edition a few days ago...I was extremely pleased with the product because of its functionality. I mean, the $79 US was one of the best money that I spent, and I doubt anyone can get much from that money, but you guys have just put together a great program.

Although there are a few minor touch ups to be done, all else is fine. Thanks again for the great product,

Joseph L.

I am very happy with the service you people provide. I have had a real runaround from others....take care and thanks again..........


I would just like to say what a great package the E-Classifieds Premium is, and my happiness in how easy it is to customize to your own designs. You may see what we at Flea Markets Online have done to fit the E-Classifieds system into our page at: (you may like to add this to your customer web pages list, as we believe it is one of your most highly modified systems, graphics wise :) ) Thanks again for the great software.. Daniel Tzvetkoff Flea Markets Online

I would like to thank you, very much, for the free edition of the e-classifieds (portuguese version). I put it on my website at

Since the moment we decided to open a Classifieds site in Switzerland .. and the release of the website: 48 hours of work! That's all, it was so easy. We translated the scripts, we added a few comic gifs ... et voil?! We are ready to open the site to the public ... 2 months in advance. Thank you again for your work and your support.

Roberto Ferrara

Just wanted to say thank you... big time!, I purchased standard edition last week (my free edition was so full it was bursting at the seems), My website was going to be reviewed by Hot Rod Magazine the very next day so I had to scramble, I was able to custom configure and have the standard edition up and running within a couple hours! This is powerfull stuff and I am still in shock that it only cost me $199! Visit GearHead Cafe at: Thanks!! -Jim Wells Webmaster

You Guys are GREAT... Your ClassAds is the one I've been looking for a long time... It took me less than 1/2 an hour to configure your script and by an hour time, my Class Ads is already ONLINE... The installation is quick and easy and the function in the admin Site is simple great.. No OTHER ClassAd script is better than yours... This is the most satisfied software that I've bought online and I won't hesistate to recommend it.

Webmaster of of

My name is Tony Laufnick and I purchased the standard edition of your classified program on Sunday November 19th. And it is absolutely terrific. I am not a real heavy in server side software but your instructions were so incredibly detailed and the installation wizard is the BEST I have ever seen or used. If you EVER want a testimonial or reference or WHATEVER you have a very very very satisfied customer. I hope to grow my business and will definitely be back for the pro version if I do. You have a wonderful product here and the other packages don't come close to comparing. Yours has a much better look and feel. I didn't even bother comparing price once I saw your program but at if you were twice as much you'd still be worth it. A VERY satisfied customer.....

Tony L of Earthly Treasures

I have been using your eclassifieds for about two years now, and I would like to just say I am well pleased with everything. The site is at You may want to consider putting me in your "Featured Sites", as I would definitely recommend your program to anyone... Good luck and thanks...

Jim Taylor of Real Estate Steals in Central America

Thank you for the quick response to the questions I had. I did purchase your product, the Standard Edition, and received it yesterday evening. I'm very new at running a web site, with no knowledge at all about installing cgi scripts, chmoding files, etc. I read through the instructions, did some updates to my ftp program (so it could set permissions), made necessary changes to e-classifieds, and set everything up. Only had two small errors with one of the addresses in the setup. My classifieds is up and running, and even more important than looks like it's running correctly!!! Thank you for the information you sent, and pass along a "Thanks" to whomever wrote the instructions!

P.S. I've tried several times to set up a few cgi scripts before and never got them right. Your instructions for your product cleared up a lot of things about settings that I couldn't make heads or tails out of in other programs. I got a good education and a fine addition to my web site!!


I think it's about time to say a big thank you to all of you at Hagen Software. Over the past year we have seen such growth of our site due to your software, people just love to use it! I hear it all the time how easy it is for them to post great ads that sell and from those who purchase how easy it is for them to find things. Also the Auto Notify is very busy on our site. People are just now finding the photo section and are beginning to use it. This has been a marketing dream for us. The program is completely stable and even those of us with no programing background are having fun learning the system. When we come up with something we want to do, the program is already ahead of us and has been programmed to do it! We and our customers are very impressed by the design and operation of your product. Thank you and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year! Please let us know of any other Hagen Software products when they become available.

Mike Matthew of The Buy And Sell Network

LawSwap is an online site where current law students and recent graduates can sell their used law books, study aids and even Bar Review materials, free.

E-Classifieds enabled us to create this website. We had thought it up and dreamed of producing it, but did not have the technological know how to actually get it together. We got estimates from programmers for tens of thousands of dollars. E-Classifieds gave us EXACTLY what we wanted for only two hundred.


Sarah Davis of

We just opened our site for business using E-Classifieds.

The initial response buy our community is great. Setting up and administering E-Classifieds is a painless procedure. Everyone is impressed with all of the features the site offers.

Mark F. Cross

I have been using your e-Classifieds Basic and Photo edition for over a year and a half on my web site. During that time it has NEVER crashed or returned unexpected errors. I am very impressed. Your scripts are ROCK SOLID. My clients love my Classifieds section.

Keep it up,

- Clark Thompson, webmaster

I finally had a moment to say thanks for a great product and a relatively smooth installation. Particular thanks to Richard for his fast responses in helping me "tweak" the installation of my e-classifieds to get it just right. It's been running smoothly and I'm very satisfied with everything. Nice job. Thank you. -gene

You can see my classifieds here:


Gene R. Sower
Lucy The Wonder Dog

When Developing my site recently I came across your product and elected to go with the standard version of e-classifieds as I found it would have all of the features that I desired. I found it incredibly easy to setup and everyone that accesses the site compliments me on its appearance as well as its ease of use. I commend you on a product that definitely saved me $2000 or more had I paid some one to build it for me from scratch. I will definitely be upgrading to you other versions as needed when my site expands.

If you wish to list my site as one that uses your program I encourage you to do so. My site shows just how easy it is to incorporate your program even when a dark background. My website is and is going to be the premiere site for Automotive employment classifieds.

Jeffrey F Knott

Good morning. I am almost done customizing the Coos Bargain Box new Classifieds site. I want you to know that my client and I are pleased with what the Premium software is capabile of doing. It really is a fun software to use, he is really going to enjoy it, as it does everything he has hoped for.

Appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating a dynamic, exceptional software. Keep up the good work!

Patricia Davidson
PD Designs

Your e-Classifieds really spice up my website, both visually and functionally. You are the best classifieds engine I've come across. No doubt about it. Thumbs up.

William Tan
goMAD Advertising Portal

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