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e-Classifieds Worldwide

e-Classifieds: Classified ads software programClassifieds. Clasificados. Petites Annonces. Annunci. Kleinanzeigen. Annons. Internet classifieds are both a global and local business. That's why e-Classifieds supports internationalization and localization features such as:

Learn more about how e-Classifieds customers around the world are building and connecting their communities. Please feel free to place or browse through the ads in our online demos. You can find more examples of e-Classifieds sites in various languages and countries by clicking on the links along the left side of the screen. If you're interested in e-commerce, please take a look at our global e-commerce partners.

We are also very pleased to offer you the e-Classifieds Free Edition in English, Croatian, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. We would like to thank Sergio Tinè of Associazione Forum Restauro @ Conservazione for the Italian translation, Andre Maric for the German translation, and Arto Huttu and Kenneth Nordensten for the Swedish translation, and Per Kristian Johansen of for the Norwegian translation. We would also like to thank Andrzej Opejda for the Polish translation, Gerhard of West Internet for the Portuguese translation, Marcos Silveira of N@vsoft Consultoria Ltda. for the Portuguese documentation, Pablo Estevez of for the Spanish translation, Heoung Min Park of for the Korean translation, Michael Lopez for the French translation, and Igor Dobraca for the Croatian translation. Also, please note that the non-English versions may be based on older versions of the program that do not contain all of the newer features that are contained in the online demo.

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