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Premium Edition

Classifieds for the next millenium!

Price: $999
Platforms: Unix, Windows NT

As of January 14, 2000, Version 2.0 of the Premium Edition has been officially released! The Premium Edition is our flagship product, and it is packed with exclusive technology and features that are not available in any other classified program on the market. All of this technology is packaged in a beautifully styled interface that's also intuitive and easy-to-use. The Premium Edition offers all of the features of the Commerce Edition, as well as the following additional features and improvements:

  • Powerful new database options that allow you to create your own unique classifieds sections or databases by simply editing a few variables. You can control the number and types of database fields, including the data types, names of these fields, the input formats (radio, checkbox, etc.), the output formats, display types, and many other criteria for each field.
  • Multiple language support allows you to run the same installed version of the program in multiple languages (separate language modules are not included or available at this time, but the program can run in multiple languages if translated), while providing access to the same ads database.
  • Faster searches due to an improved search engine that is now 25-33% faster.
  • Greater scalability due to improved memory usage, the faster search engine, and other improvements.
  • Priority ranking options that provide you the option of charging users extra who want to have their ads appear at the top of the search results. The prices, number of tiers, names of these options, and other options are completely customizable.
  • Visibility options that provide you the option of charging users extra who want to have the visibility of their ads raised by having the ads placed in bold text, red text, or any other method that you choose. The number of tiers and visibility raising methods (bold, red, etc.) are completely customizable.
  • Template system allows you to easily customize the general layout of all pages generated by the program. The program also comes with seven default templates that you can choose from (you can see a few screenshots here), but you can easily customize these or create your own unique templates using standard HTML.
  • Global text search that can now span across multiple databases or classifieds sections.
  • Backup routine that can be run from the Control Panel, through a cron job, or automatically using the built-in routines. This routine backs up the important data files, including the ads databases, the Auto-Notify profiles, and the user registration database. The admin can restore complete backup sets or individual files at any time. Old backups can be deleted manually or the system can be set to purge them automatically.
  • DataGuard system that checks the important data files periodically and notifies the admin if there appears to be a problem with any of them.
  • Improved registration system that also automatically inserts the user's contact information into the appropriate fields on the Post Ad form.
  • Links to other ads posted by a particular user in either a particular section or in all sections.
  • Counters on the ads for how many times the ad has been viewed and how many times the ad has been replied to.
  • Logoff option provides added security when you are administering the system from a remote computer, such as at an airport, because it prevents others from using your administrative login session to gain control of the system.
  • Auto-generation of cron files with all extensions, paths, and other system references set automatically
  • Improved global keyword search.
  • Ability to set the maximum number of characters that will be displayed for each field in the headlines format.
  • Ability to set maximum number of characters that users can enter in each field when posting ads.
  • Section Manager that includes an online wizard that makes it easy to create new top-level classifieds sections or databases (such as Automobiles, Employment, etc.), as well as the ability to modify or delete existing sections through an online interface. You will also be able to activate or deactivate sections with the click of a mouse, which can be useful if you want to temporarily deactivate a section while making changes to it or if you want to deactivate a section without necessarily deleting all of your old data.
  • Administrative approval option for uploaded multimedia files. If this option is turned on, uploaded photos and other multimedia files will not be visible or included in users' ads until they have been approved by the admin. The system also provides an online interface where the admin can approve, delete, or defer action on uploaded multimedia files awaiting administrative approval. The admin can also view the associated ad for each multimedia file.
  • Online wizards for setting the Visibility options and the Priority Ranking options.
  • Five new top-level sections for Announcements, Business Opportunities & Services, Collectibles, Computers, and Rentals, in addition to the current five top-level sections. The Housing section has been renamed to "Real Estate".
  • New graphics for the program, including new, more attractive graphics for the section icons on the front page.
  • "Tell Your Friends" option that allows users to e-mail their friends about your classifieds section right from an online form. It's a great way to help build traffic to your site.
  • Alert Admin link from each ad so that users can alert the administrator about ads that are objectionable or otherwise may be in violation of system policies.
  • Other minor usability enhancements, such as new links within each ad for modifying or deleting the ad.
  • Various new features and other improvements to the e-commerce aspects of the program.
Version 2.0 contains the following new features and improvements over Version 1.0 of the Premium Edition:
  • New option for headlines display to have full text of ad displayed under the headline.
  • Ability to scale thumbnails to maintain proportions of original graphic, and the option of having the program autoscale the thumbnails or allowing the admin set the percentage in the System Configuration utility.
  • New variable for the guidebar background color.
  • New Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.
  • Revised architecture that increases responsiveness by about 25%.
  • Improved appearance for many of the forms and pages displayed by the program.
  • Improved template system that provides for more flexibility in placing "objects" and also allows for more customization options for affiliate sites.
  • Improved speed of category searches by about 10%.
  • One new template (used in the demo).
  • Totally rewritten Help section that includes intuitive and context-sensitive popup Help windows. In many parts of the program, these windows will automatically display the help topic relevant to the action that the user is performing.
  • Various architectural improvements.
Version 2.0 of the Premium Edition is available at no charge to registered owners of Version 1.0 of the Premium Edition.

Registered owners of the Commerce Edition who have purchased that program prior to the December 15, 1999 release date of the Premium Edition are eligible for a special upgrade price of only $199 if they decide to upgrade to the Premium Edition. We have also developed a conversion utility that includes online wizards for upgrading your ads, user registrations, and Auto-Notify profiles from the Commerce Edition to the Premium Edition.

Online Demo of the Premium Edition

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