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On-Demand Versions

Focus On Your Business, Not Software

Save up to 80% and get Free Installation, Free Application Hosting, Free Support, and Free Upgrades Forever!

The new on-demand versions of e-Classifieds offer all of the powerful functionality of our traditional (distributed scripts) products, but introduce even greater ease of installation and maintenance, as well as lower startup costs (save up to 80% or more), free installation, free tech support forever, free upgrades forever, and free hosting of the software forever.

Our Revolutionary On-Demand Web Applications Render "Scripts" Obsolete

Up until now, webmasters who wanted to install classified ads programs or other dynamic applications on their web sites have had to endure a complex, difficult, time-consuming, frustrating, and often expensive ordeal. First, if they didn't already have one, they had to obtain an appropriate web hosting account that would allow them to run dynamic applications using any of several scripting languages. Then, they had to search the web for Perl, PHP, ASP, or Cold Fusion scripts that could provide the desired functionality and hope that their existing hosting account would support the scripting language that the program was written in. If not, they had to either choose another program in a supported language or switch web hosting companies. Some of these scripting languages, such as PHP, were (and are) notorious for having major security holes both within the language itself and in many of the most popular scripts (in fact, there have already been a large number of exploited PHP scripts, and new exploits are reported every week). Then, they had to purchase or download the script, untar or unzip it, read through the documentation if any was provided (and most scripts had extremely poor documentation that was written for other programmers rather than ordinary users), open up the actual script files in a text editor, edit variables (and sometimes even program code) in these files and hope that this didn't break the program by causing a "syntax error", figure out the location and other details of their server's mail program and then configure the program to work with it (and hope that the program supports the particular mail program run on their server, as there are dozens of different types), figure out the address and other information for their server's database program and then configure the program to work with it (and hope that the program supports the particular database program run by their server, as there are many different types), save the edited files, figure out how to upload all of these files to their web server using a protocol such as FTP (making sure that they know which files need to be uploaded in Binary format and which in ASCII format), hope that they had uploaded the files to the right place on their web server so that the program could be run and viewed in a web browser, learn arcane Unix system commands such as "chmod" in order to set the "permissions" on all of these files and directories, and then cross their fingers and hope that the script would actually run when they tried to pull it up in their web browser. More often than not, it wouldn't. This would then lead to many additional hours spent in frustration trying to read through skimpy documentation, obtain support from the "company" that wrote the script (which was often just a kid or a part-timer rather than a real company), and get caught in the middle of finger pointing between the author of the script and the web hosting company as to whose fault it was that the script wouldn't run properly, assuming that they even got any support at all. Even if it did run initially, the webmaster would often find that the server wouldn't contain the necessary modules or components to run certain aspects of the program, such as e-commerce or advanced multimedia features. The webmaster would frequently have to ask the web hosting company to install or update arcane components and settings such as GD, ImageMagick, cURL, php.ini files, etc., that were listed as requirements for the script to even run properly. All of this meant that it would often take days, weeks, or even months to get your new classifieds site online, costing you lost opportunities and creating openings for your competitors to get the "first mover advantage" in your geographical area or niche if they were able to get their classifieds site online sooner. Even if he or she got past all of these hurdles, the webmaster would then have to run a continuous treadmill of receiving and installing various update patches from the vendor (sometimes weekly) in order to fix bugs, close critical security holes, and ensure that certain features of the program (such as zip code radius searching) would remain up to date by using a current database. Vendors would sometimes charge additional fees for these updates, and installing such updates weekly or even daily was a tedious, time-consuming chore that also ran the risk of breaking the system. Keeping your system up-to-date also often meant going through difficult and risky data conversion routines as well as risking the loss of your customizations and experiencing site downtime whenever the vendor decided to change the database format or system architecture. Worst of all was that, in addition to going through frustration and weeks of delays to get your site online, you would often find that the real price of running your classifieds site over time was four to five times higher than the actual list price of the script itself, because most vendors charge a substantial percentage of that price again each year for upgrades (which are usually necessary to close security holes and keep your system up to date in terms of databases, features, and general appearance), and hundreds of dollars more for ongoing technical support after the initial technical support period ran out, not to mention the ongoing additional costs of hosting and maintenance.

e-Classifieds products have been available via this old fashioned "scripts" delivery method for many years, albeit without some of the more egregious problems listed above. Nevertheless, while we have tried to reduce these problems with the distributed scripts model, such as by providing outstanding documentation for the programs, installation wizards, and other innovations, there are still many limitations inherent to the "scripts" model that are simply unavoidable. We have been a leader in the distributed scripts market, but we think there is a better way.

Our revolutionary new on-demand web applications eliminate all of these problems. Installing and maintaining web applications has never been easier! Just order the desired application from our shopping cart, and you can have your new classifieds section up and running within minutes of your order, so you can be sure to get "first mover advantage" against any potential competitors in your geographical area or niche. There are zero system requirements, and no software to download, configure, or install. Our system also ensures that all of the necessary modules will be in place for sophisticated functions such as credit card processing (for programs with this feature), and it avoids the hassle of downloading and installing software, since we will install it for free. You don't need to have any particular type of web server, operating system, programming language, cgi-bin access, database, mail program, or other special modules. In fact, you don't even need a web server or web hosting account at all, which may save you substantial money in web hosting fees. You also avoid dealing with web server permissions and incompetent web hosting companies, and you don't need to have any technical skills or technical staff on hand to operate and maintain the program, as everything is managed from a point-and-click online interface. You never have to download and install an update patch to fix bugs, close security holes, or ensure that your zip code radius database is up to date, as the programs are continuously and automatically updated for you. Nor do you ever have to worry about manually converting your data or risk losing it just to upgrade to the current version. You also save money over time because all of the items that normally cost extra with distributed scripts, such as installation, hosting, tech support, and upgrades, are included at no extra cost. In short, our new on-demand versions allow you to focus on building your business with a minimum of expense and fuss, instead of spending days, weeks, or even months tinkering with scripts, tar files, skimpy or poorly written documentation, code, FTP programs, server permissions, Unix system commands, update patch files, data conversions, and other arcane technical issues. Plus, you have only one vendor to deal with, so there are no excuses and no finger pointing.

Primary Benefits of modern, On-Demand Web Applications over old fashioned PHP/Perl/ASP scripts

Our modern new on-demand versions provide numerous benefits over our traditional (distributed) products, or over any old fashioned PHP, Perl, or ASP script for that matter, due to the inherent advantages of the on-demand model. These advantages can be summed up as better, faster, easier, and cheaper (less expensive), as enumerated below:




Less Expensive

Future Benefits

The following benefits will also be available in upcoming versions:

If you are still unsure whether to choose the on-demand version or the distributed version of a particular e-Classifieds edition, you might want to view our decision chart that compares the on-demand and distributed versions of e-Classifieds.

Notes on Hosting

The on-demand versions of e-Classifieds include hosting of the application. They do not include regular web hosting, so if you need hosting of items such as other HTML pages, graphics, e-mail, etc., you would need to have a regular web hosting account as well. You can easily add regular web hosting to your on-demand application account by upgrading to one of the regular web hosting plans offered through our Hagen Hosting division. If you plan to use e-commerce with your on-demand application by charging users' credit cards for posting ads or other activities on your site, you will also need our Commerce web hosting plan (or higher), an SSL certificate, and a merchant account. These items are not included with the on-demand applications, but you can purchase all of these items from us at very competitive rates.

Notes on Technical Support

The on-demand versions of e-Classifieds include unlimited free online technical support through the usage of our online trouble ticket system, for as long as you continue to use the application. These versions do not include free telephone support. Telephone support is available at our normal hourly support rates as specified in our control panel.

Buy or Upgrade Now

Registered owners of the old distributed versions of e-Classifieds can upgrade to the new on-demand versions at a discount, which is based upon the version of e-Classifieds that they have already licensed and the date of purchase of the original license. The on-demand versions allow you to easily import your ads, Auto-Notify profiles, user registrations, and payments databases from the existing versions.

All versions of e-Classifieds are now available as on-demand versions. The table below lists each version and its associated costs.

Version Setup Fee Monthly Fee*
Lite Edition US$15.00 US$3.96
Basic Edition US$25.00 US$7.96
Photo Edition US$49.00 US$11.96
Standard Edition US$99.00 US$15.96
Professional Edition US$199.00 US$23.96
Commerce Edition US$299.00 US$31.96
Premium Edition US$499.00 US$39.96
Corporate Edition US$999.00 US$79.96
e-Personals Edition US$749.00 US$59.96
e-Properties Edition US$749.00 US$59.96
e-Vehicles Edition US$749.00 US$59.96
e-Jobs Edition US$999.00 US$79.96

* Based upon 24 month plan.

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