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View an online demo of the e-Classifieds Commerce Edition

e-Classifieds Commerce Edition

How e-commerce gets done!

  • All Professional Edition features
  • Review payment stats manager
  • Mailing list/newsletter module
  • Banner ad module

From $31.96 per month

Purchase the e-Classifieds Commerce Edition today!

Classic (distributed) e-Classifieds Commerce Edition

The classic version of the e-Classifieds Commerce Edition is our legacy script (distributed) version of the program, which dates back to the 1990's. It does not include free installation, hosting, technical support, or upgrades. Instead, customers can purchase it for a standard license fee as listed below and receive a package of files that they must then install on their own web server that meets the system requirements listed below. It also does not include the features listed above or elsewhere for the e-Classifieds Commerce Edition, but instead has the features listed further below on this page. Due to the substantial technical requirements for installing the classic version of this program, as well as the fact that it is no longer actively developed and thus lacks many features of the current on-demand (cloud) version, we strongly recommend choosing the regular (cloud) version of this program instead of the classic version.

Distributed Version

Distributed Version Specs
Price: $699.00
Requirements: Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.) or Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 server, FTP access, Perl/CGI, sendmail/qmail or equivalent
Installation: Not included (extra cost)
Support: Not included (extra cost)
Upgrades: Not included (extra cost)
Hosting: Not included (extra cost)
Other Notes: No free installations, support, upgrades, or web hosting services are included. All installations, support, upgrades, and web hosting services must be purchased separately, so if you think that you might ever need installation help, support, or upgrades (and you will definitely need to purchase web hosting services separately for the distributed version), the on-demand version will be a far better value for you, as it includes free installation, free support forever, free upgrades forever, and hosting of the application forever. Also, the on-demand and distributed versions are quite different, so please see the demos and complete feature list for each version.

The Commerce Edition is our lowest priced version of e-Classifieds that contains support for real-time credit card processing that is completely seamless and automated. Your visitors will never have to leave your site in order to make a credit card payment. With the built-in features for electronic commerce, it's the ideal choice for newspapers, TV stations, corporations, and others seeking the very best classifieds program available. It is the only classifieds program on the market that supports our patent pending, seamlessly integrated real-time credit card processing through Authorize.Net, E-Commerce Exchange, and ATS Bank. If you choose to process credit card payments manually, the Commerce Edition can check the credit card information entered by the user to make sure that the number entered is in a valid format for that particular type of credit card, and it can also optionally compare this number against a list of stolen credit card numbers or numbers that should be rejected for some reason if you have such a list.

The Commerce Edition contains many other options for fee-based classifieds, such as the ability to charge for posting ads and/or for renewing ads. The program also allows you to charge for viewing ads in the full-size format only, for viewing ads in either full-size or headlines format, for replying to ads, for uploading multimedia files, for subscribing to the Auto-Notify feature, for adding maps to ads in the Housing section, or any combination of the above. It can even require all users to register before accessing any part of the classifieds and, optionally, to pay to register.

The Commerce Edition also includes Auto-Notify, which is a database-enabled personal search agent that allows your users to specify discrete price ranges or other features and have only those ads matching these criteria sent to them periodically. The program also features a checklist feature that allows users to "mark" certain ads for future viewing (the digital equivalent of circling ads in the newspaper). The Commerce Edition contains a two-way, fully secure private messaging system that is ideal for personals sites. It also has the ability to allow users to upload photos, sound clips, and/or video clips to their ads. The distributed version also allows you to set up "affiliate" web sites that participate in your classifieds section.

What distinguishes the distributed version of the e-Classifieds Commerce Edition?

Feature Summary (Distributed Version)

The following features are included with the distributed version of the e-Classifieds Commerce Edition:

Web Server Support


User Interface and Layout


Fee-Based Features

Ad Display Options and Features

Expiration of Ads


Private Messaging


User Registration

Additional User Posting and Searching Options



Additional Administrative Controls


Banner Ad Module

Affiliate Web Sites



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