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e-Classifieds Corporate Edition screenshot: Click to zoom

e-Classifieds Corporate Edition

The best classifieds software in the world!

  • All Premium Edition features
  • Zip code radius searching
  • Saved Searches
  • Most Popular Searches
  • Charge For Ad Highlighting
  • Charge For Attention Getters
  • Charge Based Upon Item Price
  • Pricing Plans
  • Seller Stores
  • Promotion Codes
  • Import/Export Utility
  • Sub Admins
  • Multicity Support
  • Hundreds more features

From $79.96 per month

Purchase the e-Classifieds Corporate Edition today!

The most powerful classified ads software in the world!

The Corporate Edition is by far and away the most powerful classified ads software program in the world. It builds upon our industry standard e-Classifieds Premium Edition by adding over 370 new features and improvements.

It supports multiple database formats, such as MySQL, Oracle, and others, and it has virtually unlimited scalability (well into the millions of ads), due to its efficient code and usage of database caching and template caching for ultimate performance. It also adds numerous search engine optimization features, such as mod_rewrite, automatic creation of Google sitemaps, search engine friendly URLs for the categories, subcategories, and ads, and more. Its interface has been freshened up and modernized and is fully XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 compliant. It outputs valid XML. It also fully supports international character sets and uses the UTF-8 character set by default. It also supports HTML 5 attributes and can adapt its screen size and other attributes for mobile devices.

It has scores of new features, such as displays for the latest ads, featured ads, the most popular ads, recently viewed ads, site stats, ads posted within the past few days or weeks, who's online, signs and flyers, most popular searches, and more. It also includes dozens of modules at no extra cost, including modules for comparing the details of several ads side by side, for offering promotion codes (also known as discount codes or coupons), for setting up sub-admins (also known as junior admins, editors, or multi-admin), and an import/export tool for both ads and users (also known as a bulk uploader and downloader), among others. It also builds upon the Premium Edition's already unrivaled Power Search features, such as admin-definable range searching on any field, by adding the ability for users to select multiple items from a dropdown menu (i.e., search for cars of type "Audi" or "BMW", between model years 1997 and 2005, etc.), as well as a Refine Search feature. The program includes true thumbnail images in the "headlines" view of ads that are automatically generated, automatic image resizing for uploaded photos that are too large, customizable administrator-defined multimedia upload file formats, the ability to upload multiple multimedia files at the same time, a front page image gallery, and sophisticated new multimedia slideshows, along with dozens of other enhancements to the program's already unrivaled multimedia capabilities that include video clips and audio clips. It also offers customized user registration fields and several different new user approval options. The new "saved searches" feature lets users save their searches for later retrieval.

The Corporate Edition adds support for a number of additional payment processors, the ability for affiliates to earn commissions, and the ability for users to view their payment history and their inbox online. It also allows you to set up multiple user groups and pricing plans so that you can set up different pricing plans for individuals as compared to businesses or dealers. It even allows you to set up custom pricing plans for users, groups, categories, user/categories, and group/categories, as well as to prioritize these pricing plans. It adds a credits system for users, as well as the ability for the admin to offer credit bundles whereby users can purchase credits in advance for a discount.

It adds a new "short URLs" option for ads, as well as RSS feeds for new ads. It also adds an optional security image verification system (CAPTCHA) for the user registration, user logon, post ad, modify ad, contact admin, reply to ad, and tell a friend forms that helps to block automated spambots. Zip code radius searching capabilities are also included. The new online mail template editor allows the admin to easily edit the text, formatting, and language of all e-mails generated by the system. The admin can also edit and/or translate the text of the program through either an online search interface or the usage of a downloadable and editable file in the industry standard .po format. The admin can translate the program into multiple languages, and can allow users to select their preferred language for viewing the program. Our new sophisticated banner ad module supports targeting, weighting, and zoning.

Other features include QR codes in the ads for storage and later retrieval on cell phones, anonymous posting options, built-in Google AdSense support, a WYSIWYG template editor, detailed revenue statistics including pie charts, currency pre/post fix support, Dynamic Extra Pages, ad highlighting upsell options, attention getters, phone number formatting, domain blocking and allowing, copy ad feature, mark ads as sold feature, suspend ads feature, support for microformats, seller stores, customizable HTML filtering, integration with other apps through tools such as Facebook cross-domain support, social bookmarking buttons, CDN (content delivery network) support, custom splash pages, support for "multicity" or regional hierarchies, Access Control Lists (ACLs), an administrative file manager, and more. Plus, there are dozens of other new features and improvements.

We invite you to take a look at the rich feature set of the Corporate Edition and to try the online demo. If you do, be sure to check out the Power Search feature in any of the categories so that you can see our unique database searching capabilities, including admin-definable range searching on any field. We think you'll agree that this is by far the most powerful classified ads solution available anywhere.

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