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Decision Chart

Which Version Should I Choose: On-Demand or Distributed?

The following chart is intended to help you decide whether the distributed version or the on-demand version of a particular e-Classifieds edition is right for you. Next to each key feature or requirement, we have indicated whether it is available in either the on-demand or the distributed version of e-Classifieds. As you can see from the chart below, for the vast majority of people, the on-demand version is almost always the better choice. This is especially true now that the distributed versions are no longer being actively developed, and the on-demand versions far exceed the distributed versions in terms of features, interface, and other aspects.

Installation and Maintenance On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Easy Setup Yes No
Free Installation Yes No
Instant access to the application Yes No
Easy Maintenance Yes No
Easy Upgrades Yes No
Software Upgrades Free forever No
Continuously & Automatically Updated (zip code database, anti-spam, etc.) Yes No
Time to Deploy None Hours to weeks
Customization On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Customization Possible Yes Yes
Integration Possible Yes Yes
Non-branded (private label) versions available Yes No
Point-and-click online configuration of all settings Yes No
Features On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Usage of your own domain name Yes Depends on your server
Access Logs Yes Depends on your server
Full access to the source code No Yes
Web Server and Hosting On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Hosting of application included Yes No
Server Maintenance included Yes No
Server Upgrades included Yes No
All necessary modules available Yes Depends on your server
Can be run without technical skills or staff Yes Not advisable
Web servers supported All (hosted) Apache, IIS
Server operating systems supported All (hosted) Unix, Windows NT/2000/2003
No need to download and untar/unzip software Yes No
No need to edit program code Yes No
No risk of "syntax errors" caused by editing program code Yes No
Works with any mail program Yes No
Works with any database Yes No
No need to use FTP to upload files Yes No
No need to figure out which files are in Binary or ASCII format Yes No
No need to change server permissions settings Yes No
No need to determine internal server paths Yes No
Eliminates requirement for cgi-bin access Yes No
Eliminates requirement for Perl, PHP, or ASP to be installed Yes No
Eliminates requirement for separate web hosting account Yes No
Security and Reliability On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Application Uptime >99.9% Depends on your server
Data Backups Daily Your responsibility
Power Backup Yes Your responsibility
Data Center Yes You provide
Access to Data Yes Your responsibility
Physical Security Yes Your responsibility
Comprehensive Security (firewalls, intrusion detection, etc.) Yes Your responsibility
Fully redundant 100Mbps network with BGP4 routing Yes Your responsibility
24/7/365 Monitoring Yes Your responsibility
Support On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Tech Support Free forever No free support--all fee based
Web-based support Yes No (all support is fee based)
E-mail support Yes No (all support is fee based)
Only need to deal with one vendor Yes No
Pricing On-Demand Version Distributed Version
Lower Startup Costs (save up to 80% or more) Yes No
Monthly Fee for Software plus Hosting $4.95 to $99.95 Depends on your hosting company
Monthly Fee for Upgrades None (free forever) $5 to $90
Monthly Fee for Support None (free forever) $150 per hour
Installation Charge None $50 to $500

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