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The Growing Online Classifieds Market

Whether individuals or businesses are looking for a used car, a new employee, or a date for Friday night, their first stop is increasingly becoming the Internet. In 1999, the market for online classified advertising was US$300 million. This number grew to US$2.1 billion in 2002 and is continuing to grow, with recent estimates putting it at approximately US$6 billion. While online classifieds accounted for only 1% of the overall classifieds market in 1999, that number grew to over 6% by 2002 and is now estimated to be close to 10%.

Online classifieds have many significant advantages over their traditional print counterparts, including the following:

Some of the greatest growth will be in the following sectors:

Learn more about the benefits of adding e-Classifieds to your web site. Please follow the links along the left side of the screen to learn more about the e-Classifieds product line. You can also view a brief summary chart that shows the features, prices, and supported platforms for each of our offerings.

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