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e-Classifieds Photo Edition screenshot: Click to zoom

View an online demo of the e-Classifieds Photo Edition

e-Classifieds Photo Edition

Ads come alive with more photos!

  • All Basic Edition features
  • Multiple photos per ad
  • Set photo size, height, width

From $11.96 per month

Purchase the e-Classifieds Photo Edition today!

Why Choose the Photo Edition?

Quite simply, as its name implies, the Photo Edition excels at handling photo ads. For example, unlike other low end classifieds software programs, the Photo Edition allows you to specify the maximum height and width in pixels that you will allow for photos that are uploaded to your site. This is very important in preventing users from uploading extremely large graphics that then distort the ad displays. Other programs do not have this feature. The Photo Edition also allows the administrator to turn off the photo uploading feature if you ever need to do so to conserve disk space, block a spammer, or for any other reason. The program also allows you to display photos in four different formats (full size, as thumbnails, as icons, or not at all), and the HTML for the photos is generated dynamically for smaller data file sizes, greater speed, and better scalability (other low end systems actually store all of this HTML in the ads database, resulting in much slower search times).

The Photo Edition also adds a sophisticated context-sensitive help feature that the Basic Edition (as well as all other classified ads systems on the market) does not have. This feature is intelligent enough to display the appropriate help screen, depending upon what type of action the user is undertaking (searching, posting, etc.). It also uses popup windows so that the user can read the online help without having to leave the screen where they were at when they needed the help.

In fact, the Photo Edition also contains a wealth of sophisticated features that other low end imitators can't match. These are the types of features that aren't always readily apparent upon first glance, but as you use and administer the program, you will grow to appreciate them. For example, if you are looking at one of the low-end "wannabe" classified scripts that attempt to imitate e-Classifieds, ask yourself if the other program has the following features:

No other program under $200 (except for our own e-Classifieds Standard Edition) has these features.

One other reason to choose the e-Classifieds Photo Edition is that it is part of a family of classified ads programs that includes our high-end, database-driven Corporate Edition, which offers unrivaled performance and features. As a result, it benefits from our expertise as the market leader in producing premium-quality web-based classifieds solutions. No one else can claim to have over 100,000 customers using their classified ads software, and no one else can claim to have the types of clients that we have, including many Fortune 500 companies. In addition, all of these programs share a similar interface, and registered owners of the Photo Edition are eligible for discounted upgrades to the higher versions. That way, you won't have to face the dilemma of either being forever locked into a low-end solution or having to pay full purchase price again later on to obtain a higher-end program, as you would if you were to purchase from one of our competitors, who do not even offer any high-end versions. No matter what your budget may be, we have a classifieds program designed for you.

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