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Premium Edition

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Premium Edition & Custom-To-Go Screen Shots

If you have taken a look at the demo of the Premium Edition or any of the Custom-To-Go versions, you may have noticed the default templates for these programs. However, we wanted to demonstrate some of the other looks that you can display with the Premium Edition or the Custom-To-Go versions. In fact, using the new template editor of the Premium Edition, you can change the program's appearance by simply selecting a different default template from a dropdown menu and hitting the "Save Template" button. It's that simple! There are eight different default templates that are included in the new Premium Edition, and we have included screen shots of six of them below. We have also included a screenshot from one of the Custom-To-Go versions (e-Vehicles).

Click on any of the graphics below to see a full size display of that template.

The e-Classifieds "Standard" Template
e-Classifieds Standard template

e-Vehicles Standard Template
e-Vehicles standard template

The e-Classifieds "Classic" Template
e-Classifieds Classic template

Vertical Graphics Template
Vertical Graphics template

Vertical Text Template
Vertical Text template

Horizontal Text Template
Horizontal Text template

Horizontal Graphics Template
Horizontal Graphics template

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