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Standard Edition

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Standard Edition

e-Classifieds Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of the e-Classifieds Standard Edition:

  1. Allows users to preview their new ads before posting them
  2. Ability to show ads in full size or "headlines" format. The default can be set by the admin, but users can also choose the display method on the Advanced Search form.
  3. Allows admin to define ad durations in any number of days (not just by the week or the month)
  4. Option to allow or disallow HTML in ads
  5. Built-in version checker allows the admin to check for new releases of the software
  6. More options for running the maintenance routines. These can be run automatically using built-in routines or through cron jobs. No one else even offers this option.
  7. More control over the page layout
  8. Ability to purge old Auto-Notify profiles (some other low end programs leave them on your server forever!)
  9. Option to use Instant Auto-Notify or timed Auto-Notify at regular intervals (easier on your server). It's your choice, and no one else gives you this choice.
  10. More options on how to display photos than any other program, including full size, as thumbnails (including intelligent scaling that can be auto-generated or defined as a percentage of the original photo, another e-Classifieds exclusive), as icons, or not at all. No one else even comes close to giving you these options.
  11. Ability to browse all ads. Strange as it may seem, there are programs out there that don't even have a "Browse Ads" link. With these programs, your users are instead forced to go through several screens, and even then, they can only see a few ads in a particular subcategory at a time. e-Classifieds users can immediately view all ads, right from the front page, or from anywhere else within the program.
  12. More powerful search options, including searching for a particular phrase.
  13. Unique context-sensitive popup help windows that are smart enough to provide exactly the help that a user needs, depending upon the portion of the program that the user is in. Even better, unlike other "help" systems, the e-Classifieds help system doesn't force the user to leave the page that they were on (such as the ad posting page) just to get help on a particular topic.
  14. Ability to view or clear your mailing list.
  15. Extensive data-integrity and error-checking code protects your important data from corruption. Most other low-end programs haven't even thought of such measures. For example, try searching on "*", "?", "c++", or certain other characters on just about any other classifieds system on the market and watch it blow up.
  16. Intelligent data handling that doesn't just "slurp" data into memory like virtually every other program out there, which causes memory overruns and data wipes in those programs. Due to the efficient manner in which e-Classifieds handles rewrites, your data is much better protected, and your system can scale higher. Your web hosting company or server admin will be happier too, since your system won't be pounding the server.
  17. Years of experience as the unchallenged market leader in online classified ads solutions. This experience has been borne out in a system that is currently in use at hundreds of thousands of web sites, including leading corporations such as Compaq and Oracle, many TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations, the leading online portal in Italy, the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL, colleges and universities, organizations, and many other leading web sites. No one else can claim these types of customers. Unlike other classifieds programs that are hacked by a kid in his dorm room or someone with a day job who is "moonlighting", e-Classifieds is built and backed by a real company with a proven track record. Our products actually work. Why would you trust your online business to some "fly by night" company or amateur operation?
  18. The ability to upgrade easily to our higher end classifieds solutions, which add dozens of exclusive features. Again, no one else can even offer you this, as their "best" programs don't even match the quality and the feature set of the e-Classifieds Standard Edition, let alone any of our higher end versions. Moreover, if you upgrade to one of our higher end programs, you will receive a full credit for the purchase price of the Standard Edition. Why buy a dead-end solution from someone else when you can buy an upgradeable program that is part of the world's most powerful and versatile suite of online classified ads software programs?

In short, it's these and many other examples of intelligent design and careful thought that have gone into e-Classifieds. To see for yourself, please follow the link below to try out our online demo of the Standard Edition.

right arrow Try our online demo of the on-demand version!

right arrow Try our online demo of the distributed version!

right arrow Purchase on-demand version

right arrow Purchase distributed version

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