e-Classifieds Products and Services

Professional Installation on Unix/Linux servers for Premium Edition, e-Personals, e-Jobs, e-Properties, e-Vehicles

Choose this option if you are having us install the Premium Edition, e-Jobs, e-Personals, e-Properties, or e-Vehicles Edition on a Unix or Linux server (other than Hagen Hosting servers). If you are a Hagen Hosting customer, you should choose the Hagen Hosting installation option instead, as you will save money. If you are using another web hosting company, you might want to consider switching your web site to Hagen Hosting or at least running your e-Classifieds from a Hagen Hosting server, as you will save money and ensure the proper operation of your e-Classifieds software. You can find out more about Hagen Hosting at www.hagenhosting.com. Also, if you will be having us set up the Secure Server (SSL) portion of the program, you need to also select the "Secure Server setup" option in addition to this installation option.