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Tips for Making Your Classifieds More Successful

Below are some techniques we at e-Classifieds have used in the past to make our classifieds more successful. Please send us your tips or suggestions so we can share them.

1. Create a separate Classifieds section on your web site. Customize the look and feel of your section to look like the rest of your web site. Some Classifieds sections become so popular that they require their own domain name.

2. Feature your Classifieds section prominently on your Home Page and navigation menu bar. Users will know how to get to the sections more quickly and you will generate more hits.

3. Announce and promote your Classifieds to your users. Send an e-mail or newsletter to your users to announce your Classifieds or highlight any new features.

4. Integrate your Classifieds with the rest of your web site by featuring or linking to your classifieds. Make sure to include classifieds in your search engines, subject areas, and keyword links. For example, if you have content about cars then add a link below the article to your Autos Classifieds.

5. Run special promotions for your Classifieds. For example, reduce fees or make ads free to generate more ads.

6. Use the Auto-notify feature of e-Classifieds, a personal search agent that allows your users to specify features and have only those ads matching their criteria e-mailed to them periodically. This will encourage repeat site visits.

7. Encourage users to tell you about success stories. Publish these stories on your site to encourage others to participate.

8. Partner with commercial sellers to increase the number of ads quickly. For example, sign deals with local auto dealers or real estate brokers.

9. Encourage the use of photos, sound, or video in ads. Ads with photos sell more.

10. Monitor your Classifieds on a regular basis to find out which categories or ads are popular or not. Keep your Classifieds up to date by adding new categories or removing them. Customize your categories to your audience.

11. Increase traffic to your overall web site to increase the number of classified ads. To get more traffic, submit or resubmit your site to as many search engines and directories as possible. Make sure you use "classifieds" in your meta tags, join link-exchange programs, and promote your Classifieds like you would any new site. Don't forget to ask your users to bookmark your site.

12. If you are starting an online classified business, one method for getting the word out is to go through your local classifieds in the paper and post a free copy of those ads that have e-mail addresses in them in your e-Classifieds. Since e-Classifieds can be set up to automatically send a "welcome" e-mail to users whose ads are posted for them by the admin, the advertisers receive an e-mail thanking them for posting, and you get a new person who knows about your site.

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