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e-Classifieds: Classified ads software programs

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Free Edition

I just downloaded the free version of e-classifieds. I'm really impressed. It installed with absolutely no trouble. Your documentation was very good - I especially appreciated the running commentary throughout the variable configuration portion of the script. I learned quite a few things about configuring cgi scripts that I wasn't aware of.

We'll be experimenting with e-classifieds on I'll be running the script through its paces and if all goes well I'll be back for the commercial version.

Congratulations on a great product.


Robert Howard of Destination Elmville

Price: FREE
Platforms: Unix, Windows NT

We are pleased to offer you the e-Classifieds Free Edition. For non-profit organizations, educational institutions, or others who cannot afford our commercial versions, we hope that you will find the Free Edition to be a useful method for providing classified ads on your web site. We feel that this is the finest free classified ads program available.

The e-Classifieds Free Edition allows you to quickly set up your own classifieds section using easily configurable categories and other variables. In fact, just one program file controls all operations. The only other files to install are a counter file and a few graphics files. All pages are generated dynamically using your settings, so there is no need to manually edit any HTML files. Your users will be able to post and delete their own ads. The administrator can delete any ad posted by any user and can even delete entire categories at a time. In addition, the Free Edition shares the pleasing appearance and easy-to-use interface of our commercial versions.

The Free Edition is now available in English, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish. We would like to thank Andre Maric for the German translation, and Per Kristian Johansen of for the Norwegian translation. We would also like to thank Gerhard of West Internet for the Portuguese translation, and Pablo Estevez of for the Spanish translation. Also, please note that the non-English versions may be based on older versions of the program that do not contain all of the newer features that are contained in the online demo.

Feature Summary

The following features are included with the Free Edition:
  • Internationalization features, including a "Country" field
  • Displays latest ads first
  • Ad owner can delete at any time
  • Optional e-mail notification to admin when ads are posted or deleted
  • Optional e-mail response to user when ad is posted
  • Allows clickable URLs in ads
  • Allows clickable e-mail addresses in ads
  • File locking (prevents data files from being written to by two different processes at the same time)
  • Customizable ad categories that can easily be defined through a setup variable
  • Users have the option of displaying their postal address and telephone number in the ad
  • Password protection for ads so that only the original poster can delete
  • Administrative password that allows admin to delete any single ad or an entire ad category
  • Dynamic generation of HTML pages
  • Global variables for defining the appearance of HTML pages generated
  • Only one CGI program controls all operations, which makes it easier to set up
Why Choose the Free Edition?

It's FREE! Moreover, the Free Edition is part of a family of classified ads programs that includes our high-end, database-driven classified ads programs such as the Professional Edition and the Commerce Edition, which offer unrivaled performance and features. As a result, it benefits from our expertise as the market leader in producing premium-quality web-based classifieds solutions. In addition, the Free Edition shares the pleasing appearance and friendly, easy-to-use interface of our commercial versions. No matter what your budget may be, we have a classifieds program designed for you.

Free Edition Demo | Request the Free Edition

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