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The Classified Ads Package

On-Demand Versions

For the on-demand versions of e-Classifieds, once we have processed your payment, your classified ads system will be automatically and immediately installed for you, so that you will have access to your application as soon as your account is created. You will also be entitled to free technical support forever, free upgrades forever, and free hosting of the application forever. There is no software to download, configure, or install, and you have instant access to your classifieds. What could be easier?

Distributed Versions

When you purchase one of the distributed versions of the e-Classifieds programs, we send you a zip file via e-mail that contains the entire program distribution. This package includes all of the files for the program, plus all of the graphics used by the program, your official license for the program, and documentation that contains the full configuration and installation instructions, as well as guidance for maintaining your system. In other words, you get everything that you need to assemble a powerful classified ads section for your web site.

Once we have processed your payment, your classified ads package will be sent to you as a zipped file e-mail attachment. If you cannot process zip files or e-mail attachments, we can make other arrangements, such as placing the entire package in a password protected area of our web site that you would be allowed to access in order to download the files.

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