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Customization Policy

e-Classifieds is a highly flexible tool that has been customized by us and by customers for many different types of applications. As the developers of the product, we have the most extensive knowledge available regarding its capabilities, and our staff are highly experienced in customizing e-Classifieds for various customer applications. If you are interested in having us customize your e-Classifieds, please contact us with your detailed project requirements. We will respond with our availability and a cost estimate.

Due to the enormous amount of requests that we receive for customizations, we have implemented the following customization policy:

  1. Please note that we are now performing customizations only on the newer on-demand versions of e-Classifieds. This is due to the fact that all of our ongoing development work and new features are going into the on-demand versions, so we are less and less familiar with the code of our old distributed versions, and it would take far more time and effort to customize those versions due to their lack of support for newer standards, their older and less modular code, and their lack of inclusion of newer features that are already contained in our on-demand versions. Therefore, if you have a distributed version of e-Classifieds and wish to have us perform customizations for you, you will need to upgrade that product to one of our new on-demand versions before we can proceed with any customization work. This will also save you money, as customizing the new on-demand versions is generally faster and easier (and thus less expensive for you).
  2. We make no guarantees as to our availability for customizations. At our option, we may provide customization services, but these services are on an as available basis.
  3. We require payment up front, by cash, check, or wire transfer, for customization projects. We will not do any work until we have received payment in advance. We cannot accept credit card payments for customization requests. There shall be no exceptions to this policy.
  4. There are absolutely no refunds on customization projects under any circumstances. Therefore, please ascertain that the program can do what you want it to do and that you have conveyed your wishes to us accurately before requesting any customization work.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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