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Upgrade Policy

On-Demand Versions

The on-demand versions of e-Classifieds include free upgrades forever. To request an update, please post a customer service request in your Hagen Hosting Control Panel.

Distributed Versions


The distributed versions of e-Classifieds do not include any free updates.


It has been our policy to offer registered owners of any of the distributed versions a credit equal to the full purchase price of the program that they originally purchased (if purchased within the past year) that can be applied toward the purchase price of the distributed versions of any of our more powerful classifieds programs. This does not apply for upgrades from a distributed version to any of the on-demand versions (although discounts may apply, so please see below). For example, a registered owner of our distributed Lite Edition (which costs $49 with the cash discount) would be able to upgrade to our distributed Photo Edition (which costs $99 with the cash discount) for just $50. The Lite Edition, Basic Edition, and Photo Edition all use the same ads format, so you can easily upgrade among these programs and maintain all of your current ads. The Standard Edition and above use a different ads format that is not easily upgradeable from the format used by the Lite, Basic, and Photo Editions.

Owners of the distributed versions who purchased their license more than one year ago are eligible for a 50% discount if they upgrade to the current version, or for a credit equal to 50% of the purchase price of their old version if they upgrade to a higher distributed version.

Owners of the distributed versions who wish to upgrade to an on-demand version are eligible for substantial discounts. We encourage all owners of the old distributed versions to upgrade to one of the new on-demand versions, as all of our ongoing development work and new features are going into the on-demand versions, and the distributed versions are gradually being phased out. For details about upgrading to one of the new on-demand versions, please contact our Sales Department.

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